Dr. Walter Bowman


Dr. Walter S. Bowman, Sr. is a the CEO and real estate broker for BM Elite Group and Co-Founder/CEO of TeaBow Residential, a full-service real estate sales, property management, investment and real estate development organization based in Washington, D.C. As a proactive and transformational entrepreneur, Dr. Bowman has been a real estate investor for more than 17 years, overseeing nearly $57 Million in real estate transactions, developing over 55 properties in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia, and taking on real estate projects for others. He is also a former restaurateur in the Nation's Capital - owning and managing "A Taste of Carolina Restaurant."

A true born Southern boy, Dr. Bowman came to the metropolitan area - as an associate research scientist for NIH - straight out of college. He always thought of pursuing a career in the medical field, however he was always drawn to business. In 2001, Dr. Bowman began career as an engaging and dedicated educator, having served in several administrative and teaching roles in mathematics and science, including Vice Principal, Director of Facilities, and Adjunct Professor to several local schools and Universities. In 2014, he obtained his Ph. D in Urban Administration Supervision, Leadership, and School Policy from Howard University. With his passion and dedication to academia, Dr. Bowman now continues to inspire and educate young entrepreneurs in the world of real estate.

Born and raised in the warm heart of Columbia, South Carolina, Dr. Bowman is a South Carolina State University alumnus, Trinity College alumnus, Howard University alumnus and dedicated brother of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity - having served as both the founding charter member and chapter vice president of Sigma Alpha Lambda. Dr. Bowman is an accomplished academic author, with several scholarly editorials credited to his knowledgeable work and experience in administration and policy. Currently, Dr. Bowman resides in Maryland with his beautiful wife, Maria, and has three wonderful children.


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