I have bought many homes and I have to admit that this was a very different experience in working with Dr. Walter Bowman. He was Mr. Walter Bowman at the time and was just as humble and just as hard working. I hired Dr. Bowman to help me find a home for me and my wife and it was one of the best - if not the best experience - I ever had working with a real estate agent. Dr. Bowman was always responsive to my emails and phone calls. There was never a time where I couldn't get in contact with Dr. Bowman or left him a message and he didn't get back to me in a timely manner. The man listened to what we want and not ever forced any thing on us. This was and is one of the biggest things I dislike most about other real estate agents I have worked with - they sometimes disappear, don't listen, and/or don't communicate. Overall, I am very please with the professionalism and hard work of Dr. Walter Bowman. He is my realtor for life and I highly recommend him to anyone if they want a very great real estate agent!

Johnson Cramer, Zillow